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We assists Property Managers with their daily operations

Short intro to BookingStudio
Duration: 2:59
Hear our customers stories
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Video examples of how it works

Features and workflows

  • Search available holiday homes
    (video duration: 3:17)

    BookingStudio offers a quick search function that allows you to find available holiday homes based on a guest’s preferences. You can send suggestions to the guest, enabling them to review the selected options more closely. If the guest already knows which holiday home they want to book, you can make a reservation directly from the search results or the holiday home’s calendar.

  • Review of the order interface 
    (video duration 3:54)

    BookingStudio has preconfigured settings for prices, seasonal variations, payment terms, and the option to purchase additional goods. When a new order is created, the system automatically calculates the appropriate standard for the current booking, including the amounts due and payment due dates. You can easily add items to the order, and if the guest has already been created in the system, you can quickly populate their information onto the order. All data can be adjusted before the order is finalized.

  • Start page with today’s tasks
    (video duration 5:46)

    The BookingStudio start page provides an overview of arrivals/departures, tasks, and associated apps. It can be customized to show more or less information. Tasks in BookingStudio can be assigned with dates and responsible individuals. They are displayed automatically on the current date, with an option to view all tasks at once. Tasks can be created in multiple places within BookingStudio.