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BookingStudio offers an automation system that allows you to automatically perform specific tasks and workflows.

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Perform specific tasks and workflows automatically

Automate common tasks

To help you run your business, BookingStudio offers an automation system that allows you to automatically perform specific tasks and workflows. You set up these workflows to run, when certain events happen in the system, such as when a new booking is placed or a guest checks in. You can also specify automations to run on a schedule, such as “five days before the guest arrives”, allowing you to automate many of your daily tasks which, ultimately, releases resources.


There are many possible automations. One of these automations could be implemented in terms of issuance of different documents, such as welcome letters for guests and notifications on new bookings for property owners.


In that connection, BookingStudio even offers a range of different document templates which you can adapt or edit as you please. You may also create your own documents.


Automation may also be used for internal purposes. An example of this could be an automatic creation of a service case, such as “Fill the hot tub”, for instance, X days before arrival.


Let the system do the work and release resources for other tasks in your vacation rental business.

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Create your own automations

It does not require coding skills

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It does not require special coding skills to create automations. BookingStudio gives you a variety of options for you to create automations yourself. You may also reach out to us, in order to get the support, you need.

An automation is built from multiple actions. You define what events you want to happen in any action and, moreover, what you want to happen depending on this action and whether it is “true” or “false” in the case of the individual booking.

An action may be to, for example, check in on data on an order, a property, a guest or a property owner.

Automations enable you to optimise your workflows. Moreover, our system can give its full attention to different items without you being involved. However, if you want to be involved, you can ask the system to notify you.

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