Automatic Accounting

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Automatic Accounting

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Automatic Accounting

Accounting lines ready for your accounting processes

BookingStudio automatically generates accounting lines which can easily be exported to your financial system.


The accounting lines are created every time reservations are administered, extra products are sold, payments are received, accounts are created for owners and so forth. They can, furthermore, be transferred to the financial system as often as you wish.


In BookingStudio, you may create your own plan for accounting, register information about your bank accounts as well as which payment method you wish to offer. Thereby, the system automatically knows how you want these different processes to be accounted for, according to your needs.


On every reservation, all accounts are available. Therefore, you will always have a complete overview of which transactions are made and when they have been registered.


A line of financial reports gives you the necessary overview as well as the possibility to dive into the details.


When you automate accounting processes, you simultaneously optimize your daily workflow.

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