Manage Maintenance Teams

Fix issues in timely manner

Manage Maintenance Teams

BookingStudio offers an issue tracking system that helps you assign the right staff to solve specific issues.

Illustration of the maintenance management in BookingStudio
Issue tracking system

Solve the problems fast and professionally

BookingStudio helps you to handle service issues. You can create service issues on pretty much anything, for instance, a leakage or a forgotten teddy bear – and everything in between.

When an unexpected instance occurs in a holiday home or a guest has forgotten something in the property, it is important to have a system that takes care of the issue fast and professionally.


Screenshot: excerpt from service cases in BookingStudio
Screenshot excerpt of creating a new service case in BookingStudio

In BookingStudio, you can register an issue, whenever it occurs. Here, all relevant information is registered and the relevant staff members to handle the issue can also be connected.

All issues can be grouped in relevant categories, prioritised and may be marked by the status of its progress. This gives you a good overview of the issues in the system and how close you are to solve the occurred problems.

You may also register the time spent, as well as any products used for each issue.

If you are handling an issue regarding a specific holiday home, you can complete the issue by invoicing the owner who will automatically be deducted the specific price from the next payment.

Eventually, regardless of the number of holiday homes that you administrate, BookingStudio supports you in handling every single issue in a fast and professional manner.

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