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Dashboards collect all the important features of BookingStudio for you to get the information that you need.

Illustration of a dashboard in BookingStudio
Customizable dashboards

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BookingStudio collects all the relevant information in dashboards for the purpose of giving you an overview of, for example, reservations – all collected in one image. There exist many different dashboards depending on your needs.


The property dashboard gives you all the essential information about a property in terms of bookings, earnings, occupancy and much more. You do not need to run a report to see what is going on. The information is simply available. 


You can customise the information flow in the dashboard which will appear as your standard setting. Your colleague may choose another dashboard setting, depending on his/her needs.


The dashboards are designed for your individual needs.

Screenshot from the Property Dashboard
Fast shortcuts to handling your tasks

Efficient workflow

Illustration of a customer dashboard in BookingStudio

Apart from showing information in the dashboard, you will also find shortcuts to handling relevant tasks in relation to a reservation, an owner, a guest, etc. This might be a shortcut to register payment, add a bank account for an owner or merge a customer if it is created in the system twice.
No matter where you find yourself in BookingStudio, you can easily navigate to the dashboard that you seek, supported by our embedded search tool.

BookingStudio’s dashboard gives you easy access to relevant information and is very flexible.

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With the many customizable features you can truly build your ideal property management system.

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