Our booking calendar gives you a quick overview of everything that is going on with a specific property. Every booking and blocked period is shown with a color indicating the type of the event. These colors can be customized to your liking. You can click each of these events to view more information and you also have easy access to the most common actions such a viewing the enclosure of a booking, editing a booking, canceling a booking or navigating to the information page for the guest that placed the booking.

For periods where changeover is only allowed on a specific day of the week, these weekdays are highlighted in bold. Click any valid arrival date to create a new booking, setup a discount for a specific time period or block the calendar for all bookings between two dates. Both bookings and blocked periods can be edited easily directly from the booking calendar.

Get a complete overview of your bookings and easy access to the most common actions with the BookingStudio booking calendar.



Reservation management with BookingStudio is fast, flexible and precise. It is built to handle many different scenarios and handle large volumes of bookings while being easy to learn and use. You can change the number of guests, when they arrive or depart. You can add or remove additional items to their booking and charge the payment rates.

People sometimes change their mind and you can easily move the guests to a different property or handle late cancellations while keeping track of payments already made. Keep track of late arriving guests and offer to notify guests that arrive early as soon as their property is ready for moving in.

At the end of a stay you can register metered fees such as electricity or water. You can return deposits and settle using any of currencies you have chosen to support in your business.

During the entire process guests and owners are automatically notified about relevant changes that are made to a booking keeping everyone up-to-date.

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BookingStudio comes with automatic accounting built-in. Most of the time you will not even notice that it is there because BookingStudio does the work for you. Manage bookings, sell extras, receive payments and pay owners and at your convenience transfer the accounting lines that BookingStudio created for you to the accounting software of your choice.

You can setup your chart of accounts, which bank accounts to use and which currencies you want to support and setup which accounts properties and payments should use and then let BookingStudio do the rest.

To keep you on top of things, BookingStudio comes with a suite of financial reports providing with all the details you need to care about.

Let BookingStudio automate your accounting and streamline your financial workflows to save you a lot of time.



Our flexible products module enables you to sell a wide variety of additional fees and services along with your bookings. This enables you to provide more types of services to your guests and increase the overall revenue per booking.

You can create either mandatory or optional fees like booking fees or cleaning fees. It is possible to have fees that are mandatory on some properties and optional on others. Fees can be optional one year and mandatory the next as defined by your needs.

You can also charge for metered energy usage like electricity or water and easily charge for the energy consumption.

BookingStudio also supports cancellation fees based on how late the guest cancels. When a booking is cancelled, BookingStudio will automatically select the right cancellation fee based on the rules you defined.

Fees and extras can be priced according to the numbers guests and it is also possible to only offer some fees on bookings with a certain combination of guests.

BookingStudio opens up new possibilities with flexible fees and extras that are easy to understand and manage.

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BookingStudio comes with two open APIs – one tailored for channels and websites and another one tailored for writing applications that works with BookingStudio. The partners you choose to work with can get access to either or both APIs to help you extend your business.

Our open, comprehensive APIs are based on web standards enabling third-party developers to help you solve your specific needs. The ability to extend BookingStudio in your own unique ways helps you differentiate your business from your competitors.

Applications can opt-in to use BookingStudio for user authentication to allow a cohesive user experience between BookingStudio and external applications. We also have a marketplace for applications that work with BookingStudio built by third-party developers and by us.

There is an ecosystem around BookingStudio with applications, channels and IT integration specialists. With BookingStudio and open APIs there is always a way.

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To help you run your business, BookingStudio comes with an automation system that allows you to perform specific tasks and workflows automatically. You set up these workflows to run when certain events happen in the system such as when a new booking is placed or a guest checks in. You can also specify automations to run on a schedule such as “five days before the guest arrives” allowing you to automate many of the tasks in your daily vacation rental business.

An automation procedure consists of several steps and can be setup in our graphical interface requiring no coding skills. You can take actions that are appropriate to a given booking by running various types of checks before deciding what to do.

Automations allows you to fine-tune your operations and gives you extra resources for your business.

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When guests experience problems with the property they have rented it is important to resolve their problem fast and professionally. The way the issue is handled has a big impact on the guests overall impression of their stay.

To help you manage issues BookingStudio comes with a issue tracking system that helps you get the right people out to fix the issues fast. The system lets you register information about each issue and assign which maintenance people should solve the problem. The current priority and status of each issue is tracked and you can categorize the issues as needed.

The system allows you to track the time spent on each task giving you to opportunity to see which properties requires more maintenance. You can also bill the hours spent to the owner if you choose.

There is also support for assigning external craftsmen to an issue in case outside help is needed.

Even when you manage lots of properties BookingStudio helps you handle each issue fast and professionally.

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One of our core tenets when building BookingStudio is that it must be fast and efficient to use. BookingStudio is there to serve you and not the other way around. To give you the information you need we have built dashboards for all the important aspects of BookingStudio. 

The property dashboard gives you all the essential information about a property in terms of bookings, earnings, occupancy and so on. You don’t need to run a report to see what is going on, the information is just there.

Similarly BookingStudio has dashboards for guests, owners and bookings. Each dashboard is designed to give you the answers you need and to provide you with easy access to all the common tasks.

Dashboards in BookingStudio gives you fast access to the information you need.

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Understanding what goes on in your business empowers you to make better decisions. BookingStudio comes with a comprehensive suite of reports to help you understand what goes on with various aspects of your vacation rental business.

Our reports on sales and revenue details the economic performance of your business and lets you drill down the numbers along important dimensions such as sales channel and location. Compare current performance with past performance to track your current progress. We have reports that detail occupancy for all your properties down to aggregates for an area or for each property individually. Our reportings covers all aspects of your business including finance, owners, affiliates, cleaning and maintenance.

For your custom reporting needs BookingStudio comes with a report builder that lets you build custom reports. Define which data you want to look at and set up relevant filters and save your report. Now you can run this report as often as you need and export it to popular formats for further processing and reviewing.

Your data is yours and with BookingStudio you can get the answers you need.

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To help you plan and keep track of housekeeping tasks, BookingStudio comes with a built-in planning tool specifically designed for these tasks. See which properties have upcoming housekeeping tasks and assign people to complete the tasks. You can define multiple types of housekeeping tasks such as cleaning, quality control and pool service that can be assigned to your housekeeping staff.

Your housekeeping staff can either get a printed report of the daily tasks or use our mobile-friendly app. Once a task is completed by your staff it can be marked as completed in BookingStudio by sending a text message or by marking it as completed in our app. This gives you a real-time view of how the tasks are progressing and lets you notify guests as early as possible when their property is ready for them.

BookingStudio comes with an intelligent auto-planner that can help you assign the right staff to the right properties automatically. You always have full control, but the auto-planner can help you do most of the planning saving you a lot of time.

Save time and resources with precise and efficient housekeeping in BookingStudio.

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Selling at the right price is important for any vacation rental business. BookingStudio comes with a powerful pricing engine that allows you to set prices in a variety of ways. Each property has a base price that can vary with the seasons of the year and on top of that you can define your own pricing rules that alters the price if certain criteria are met.

For example, you can define a rule that gives 15% discount for couples with 2 children that places a booking in the month of May with arrival in September. Or you can create a pricing rule that gives 10% discount for romantic couples arriving in June. You can also make ad hoc discounts for specific periods on a specific property. There are countless possibilities.

Creating rules that give a discount is only half the story. You can also create pricing rules that raises the price and you can even apply discounts on top of that. If there is a big local event like a music festival, you can raise the prices for bookings during this event, but still allow early bookings to get the normal price for this period.
Pricing rules can also change the normal calendar rules such as minimum nights and fixed weekday changeover. This allows you to have special rules for short stays less than a week and other rules for stay of one week or more.

Get the right price and optimize your occupancy with the powerful BookingStudio pricing engine.

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When it comes to payments coming from guests or money being paid out to owners there is no room for mistakes and everything needs to run fast and efficiently every time.
Whether your guests pays online via credit cards or transfers money via the bank, BookingStudio helps you handle these transactions easily.

Export the transactions from your bank and load them into BookingStudio to match the transactions with the correct bookings. In case you need to match a transaction with a booking manually BookingStudio lets you search for the right booking in a number of ways.

Quickly find out which owners you owe money and settle the owner accounts to generate a bank file you can import into your online banking. Owners can be notified that money is on the way along with a detailed description of which bookings have been settled. We have a similar procedure for returning deposits to guests.

Handle payments with confidence every time with BookingStudio.

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