Additional Fees and Services

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Additional Fees and Services

Our flexible product module enables you to sell a wide variety of
additional fees and services along with your bookings.

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Add products to bookings

Increase your revenue

BookingStudio gives you the opportunity to offer your guests extra products and/or services in connection with their bookings which all come with an extra fee.


These may be physical products, such as bed linen, towels and cots, or consumer goods, such as gas and water, services, such as cleaning, and, naturally, other fees and security deposit items.

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A wide variety of setting options

Flexible application

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The many different setting options that can be applied to products, services and fees enable more flexibility.


For example:


  • When should the product be accessible
  • How should the product be used (optional/mandatory)
  • What properties should offer the specific product
  • What sale channels should offer the product
  • What is the price for the product (this may vary depending on the period)

If a product is purchased from a supplier, a cost price can be set for the product and the supplier can be linked. In this way, the costs to the supplier will be registered each time the item is sold.


Any given product can be optionally, mandatorily or automatically added to a booking, if certain criteria are met. For example, cleaning is usually optional. However, if the booking includes a pet, cleaning will automatically become mandatory.


Rules for cancellation fees

Easily manageable cancellation settings

BookingStudio also supports cancellation fees, based on how late the guest cancel their bookings. When a booking is cancelled, BookingStudio will automatically select the right cancellation fee, based on the rules you defined.


Fees and extras can be priced according to the numbers guests, and it is also possible to only offer specific fees on bookings with a certain combination of guests.


The cancellation fee may be set as a standard fee or as an individual fee based on a certain percentage of the booking price.

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