Send and receive payments

Efficient payment workflows

Send and receive payments

BookingStudio helps you handle transactions.

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Incoming payments

Receive payments from guests

Whether your guests pay online via credit cards or transfer money via the bank, BookingStudio helps you handle these transactions easily.


Export the transactions from your bank and load them into BookingStudio to match the transactions with the correct bookings. Furthermore, you can account for all invoices in one single click. In case you need to manually match a transaction to a booking, BookingStudio allows you to search for the correct booking in several ways.


If the payment takes place online, the system will immediately register that the payments has been transferred. The system also gives you a list of all online payments where all information about every single guest, reservation and payment can be found.

Import financial data to your bank account in BookingStudio
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Outgoing payments

Pay the property owners

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In BookingStudio you can easily and simply settle any payment in any given period to all owners at once.


Booking Studio gives you an overview of all the owners that have receivables from any given date. All owners have their own balance which is shown in the system based on the payment for bookings, fees, services and products. Hereafter, the system can generate a file with banking information which can be imported to your bank.


As an optional feature, each settlement may also notify the owners about what reservations are accounted for.


The process for refunds of deposits and other receivables to the guests are of similar procedure.

Reminder module

Secure payments

BookingStudio offers a reminder module where you decide how and how often you will remind your guests of payment dues on reservations.


As soon as a reservation has a payment due where the deadline has been exceeded, any documents, payment and deadline will be shown in an overview. Here, you may also see if there has already been sent a reminder, including what the payment covers. In the overview, you can choose one or more reservations.


Thereafter, you can choose to extend the deadline of the payment or send a friendly reminder.

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