Send and receive payments

Efficient payment workflows

Send and receive payments

BookingStudio helps you handle transactions easily.

Illustration of send and receive payments
Incoming payments

Receive payments from guests

When it comes to payments coming from guests or money being paid out to owners there is no room for mistakes and everything needs to run fast and efficiently every time.
Whether your guests pays online via credit cards or transfers money via the bank, BookingStudio helps you handle these transactions easily.


Export the transactions from your bank and load them into BookingStudio to match the transactions with the correct bookings. In case you need to match a transaction with a booking manually BookingStudio lets you search for the right booking in a number of ways.

Screenshot excerpt from reminders in BookingStudio
Outgoing payments

Pay out to owners

Screenshot excerpt of settlement with owners

Quickly find out which owners you owe money and settle the owner accounts to generate a bank file you can import into your online banking. Owners can be notified that money is on the way along with a detailed description of which bookings have been settled. We have a similar procedure for returning deposits to guests.


Handle payments with confidence every time with BookingStudio.