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We are a team of software developers and vacation rental specialists
with a mission to help professional property managers grow and thrieve. 

We have been helping vacation rental professionals for more than a decade. We are the most common property management system for Danish property managers.


In the beginning BookingStudio targeted a wider range of accommodation businesses, but soon became popular with primarily vacation rental businesses. We then turned our focus to these types of businesses and the product evolved to cater to the needs of vacation rental professionals.


Today we serve clients that operate in Denmark, Italy, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

Photo of man talking on the phone with BookingStudio

Meet the team

Photo of Dennis Knappe

Dennis Knappe

Co-founder & CEO

Photo of Nis Willson Nissen

Nis Wilson Nissen

Co-founder & CTO

Photo of Camilla Flensborg

Camilla Flensborg

Head of Sales

Photo of Svend Dyhr Hansen

Svend Dyhr Hansen

Software Developer

Photo of Thor Hay Sørensen

Thor Hay Sørensen

Software Developer

Photo of Søren Nymark Villebro

Søren Nymark Villebro

Software Developer

Photo of Pia Elnegaard

Pia Elnegaard

Customer Support

Photo of Sanne Milling

Sanne Milling

Le chef