Dynamic Pricing

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Dynamic Pricing

BookingStudio comes with a powerful pricing engine that allows you to set prices in a variety of ways.

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Expressive pricing rules

Flexible price setting

BookingStudio comes with a powerful pricing engine that allows you to set prices in a variety of ways.

Each property has a standard price that can vary depending on the season. On top of that, you may define your own pricing rules to alter the price.

Pricing rules are based on different criteria which can be combined in different ways. Conditions can be based on the number of searches on bookings, certain dates, certain weeks, seasonal codes, certain facilities, the location of the property, the language of the guest, the number of guests, pets and much more.

You create your pricing rules yourself, depending on your needs. For example, discounts such as last-minute discounts, 2 guests discounts and discounts on stays that extend to a certain number of weeks. Likewise, you can create pricing rules that increase the price per day, if a booking is shorter than 7 days.

You may create as many pricing rules as you wish. The system will always check up on every single search and see if the search criteria match the relevant pricing rule.

You may also decide whether the individual price manipulations should count for one, more or all properties.

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Quick and easy

Optimise the perfect price

Clear transparency in how the prices are calculated in BookingStudio

Using pricing rules, you can easily and quickly adjust prices.


Internally, there is a clear transparency in how the prices are calculated, if a pricing rule has manipulated the original price.


Your knowledge about the guests, events and seasons is easy to embed in the creation of the perfect price.

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