Dynamic Pricing

The smarter way to price

Dynamic Pricing

BookingStudio comes with a powerful pricing engine 

that allows you to set prices in a variety of ways.

Illustration of dynamic pricing configuration
Powerful pricing engine that allows you to set prices in a variety of ways

Expressive pricing rules

Selling at the right price is important for any vacation rental business. BookingStudio comes with a powerful pricing engine that allows you to set prices in a variety of ways. Each property has a base price that can vary with the seasons of the year and on top of that you can define your own pricing rules that alters the price if certain criteria are met.


For example, you can define a rule that gives 15% discount for couples with 2 children that places a booking in the month of May with arrival in September. Or you can create a pricing rule that gives 10% discount for romantic couples arriving in June. You can also make ad hoc discounts for specific periods on a specific property. There are countless possibilities.

Screenshot excerpt of managing price rules
Quickly and easily adjust prices

Set prices using your existing knowledge

Screenshot excerpt of a dialog box to create a discount

Creating rules that give a discount is only half the story. You can also create pricing rules that raises the price and you can even apply discounts on top of that. If there is a big local event like a music festival, you can raise the prices for bookings during this event, but still allow early bookings to get the normal price for this period.

Pricing rules can also change the normal calendar rules such as minimum nights and fixed weekday changeover. This allows you to have special rules for short stays less than a week and other rules for stay of one week or more.


Get the right price and optimize your occupancy with the powerful BookingStudio pricing engine.