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Booking Calendar

Our booking calendar gives you a quick overview of everything that is going on in a specific property.

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Booking Calendar

Quick and interactive overview

Our booking calendar gives you a quick overview of all the current activities of any specific property.

Every booking and blocked period (for example, an owner booking) is shown with a designated colour indicating the type of event. This feature enables you to see when a vacation home is available for booking and if an existing booking can be extended.

Furthermore, you can see information about an existing activity by clicking on the colour-coded period in the calendar. In this way, you also find shortcuts to options of actions which makes it easier to handle activities directly from here.

In the calendar, changeover days are highlighted in bold. It is possible to have properties with different changeover days where arrival and departure days can be spread over different days, in order to ease the pressure on your business.

Calendars are created in seasons and with only one click the seasons are visible. This can give you a quick explanation of the different price ranges to the customers, if they wish to move a booking to another season.

The colours showed in the calendar are easy to interpret, as the explanation of each colour is visible on the page. Moreover, the colours designated for different activities can be set up according to your wishes.

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Easily manage bookings

Make quick changes

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In the calendar, you can perform the most common actions.


Click any available arrival date to create a new booking, block the calendar for other bookings and create a discount for a specific period.


You can click on a date with a booking and have more information about the specific booking, as well as information on the guest. You can edit the booking, cancel it or create additional tasks on it. Here, you can also find a direct link to the booking which will enable you to edit more advanced actions.


Both bookings and blocked periods can easily be edited directly from the booking calendar.


Get a complete overview of your bookings and easy access to the most common actions with the BookingStudio booking calendar.

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