Reservation Management

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Reservation Management

BookingStudio’s reservation management is fast, flexible and precise. 
It is built to handle many different scenarios.

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Reservation Management

Built to handle many different scenarios

Reservation management with BookingStudio is fast, flexible and precise. It is built to handle many different scenarios and handle large volumes of bookings without compromising that it is easy to learn and simple to use.


Sometimes guests change their minds. Therefore, it may be necessary to be able to move guests from one holiday home to another, change the number of guests, extend or shorten a stay, add or remove services or products to a booking or handle cancellations.


BookingStudio’s reservation management makes all these tasks easy and quick to handle.


Changes can be altered both before, during and after a stay. You always have a complete overview of all payments.


During the entire process, guests and property owners are automatically notified about relevant changes that are made to a booking, keeping everyone updated.

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Front Desk

Instant overview and management

Reservation Management in Front Desk
On a daily basis, you have access to a complete overview of check-ins and check-outs. Moreover, you can easily find information about what guests are visiting what vacation homes in any given period.

If guests arrive earlier than the planned check-in time, the system can show you if the relevant vacation home is ready for arrival or not. As an extra service, you may also choose to automatically inform your guests as soon as the vacation home is ready for arrival.

At the end of a stay, you can register any fees, such as electricity or water. You can return deposits and settle payments, using any currency that is relevant to your business.

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