Manage the housekeeping of hundreds of properties easily


BookingStudio comes with a built-in planning tool 

specifically designed for housekeeping tasks

Illustration of housekeeping management in BookingStudio
Helps you plan and keep track of housekeeping tasks

Effective planning tool

To help you plan and keep track of housekeeping tasks, BookingStudio comes with a built-in planning tool specifically designed for these tasks. See which properties have upcoming housekeeping tasks and assign people to complete the tasks. You can define multiple types of housekeeping tasks such as cleaning, quality control and pool service that can be assigned to your housekeeping staff.


Your housekeeping staff can either get a printed report of the daily tasks or use our mobile-friendly app. Once a task is completed by your staff it can be marked as completed in BookingStudio by sending a text message or by marking it as completed in our app. This gives you a real-time view of how the tasks are progressing and lets you notify guests as early as possible when their property is ready for them.

Scale your operations

Intelligent planner assistant built in

BookingStudio comes with an intelligent auto-planner that can help you assign the right staff to the right properties automatically. You always have full control, but the auto-planner can help you do most of the planning saving you a lot of time.


Save time and resources with precise and efficient housekeeping in BookingStudio.