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BookingStudio comes with an integrated planning tool, specifically designed for housekeeping tasks.

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Effective planning tool

Easy planning and tracking of tasks

Booking Studio’s planning tool is designed to support your planning and tracking of housekeeping tasks, quality checks, pool and spa services and other relevant tasks. Every day, an overview shows how many tasks you have planned, as well as an estimated time.


The planning tool gives you an overview of different tasks of different vacation properties, including the specific dates of these tasks. You can assign these tasks to internal and external service staff or to the property owners, if they are responsible for these tasks themselves. When the tasks are assigned, you can either release the shift schedule in our service app or you can print lists for each individual staff member.


As the tasks are completed, the properties are reported “ready for check-in”, in the system. In that way, you can keep track of all the properties which are ready for check-in.

Illustration of an overview of different housekeeping tasks
Intelligent planner assistant

Automatic assignment of tasks

An automatic assignment function in your housekeeping system will help you assign tasks to your staff.

Without compromising control, you save time by automating the assignments. You can change or dismiss the suggested assignment at any time. Naturally, you may also assign your tasks manually. The system will then show you where each property is located which will be displayed on a map.

The assignment of tasks is optimised based on specific criteria that you define. For instance, you can assign fixed tasks and/or fixed vacation properties. You can also define the work hours of each staff member or group of staff, as well as you can define how much time each vacation property requires.

BookingStudio’s housekeeping system assigns all your tasks. No staff member will be assigned more tasks than they have agreed on and the owners will receive the expected quality.

Service app, shift schedules and property owner requests

All you need to manage your housekeeping tasks

The location of a property with housekeeping tasks is dispalyed on a map

The app for your service staff

In the app, the staff members have access to all the assigned tasks. They can also see information about the given vacation property and any notes that may accompany the task. You can also communicate via the app where your staff can account for any received messages.

When any task has started, it is registered in the app, and when the task is completed, the staff member marks the task complete and the specific property will be shown as “ready to use”, in BookingStudio. In this way, you can always follow the status of the tasks and how they progress.

Shift schedule

Here the staff members can assign and unassign themselves from any shifts on specific dates. You are always in control of which staff members are available on what dates.

Property owner request app

You can request the owners if they will handle tasks in their properties.

The app gives you an overview of responses and automatically assigns tasks to the owners.

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