Get more bookings and happy guests

In today’s competitive market you need a powerful booking platform that lets you build great looking, mobile-friendly websites to increase the number of bookings guests book directly with you. We believe that combining a great website with integrations to all the leading vacation rental portals gives you the best marketing platform for your properties.

We work with the best content management systems to enable the combination of great content with a fast and powerful booking engine. This enables rich online booking experiences with the aim of turning visitors into guests.

Your properties needs to reach people through many channels and the management of the properties and their content needs to be easy and efficient and must retain a high quality across the channels. We work closely with channels and channel managers to help ensure the highest quality for your content throughout the network.

Get more bookings and happy guests

Flexible booking calendar

Having a flexible booking calendar allows you to extend your inventory and reach new types of guests. Sometimes you only want to allow weekly-based stays and at other times you want to give your guests full flexibility about when to arrive and when to leave. Or you might want a combination that allows flexible short term stays, but strict rules for bookings lasting more than one week.

Our booking calendar allows you define these rules and apply them to the relevant properties making it easy to manage and setup even for a large number of properties.

One of the risks of allowing too much flexibility is ending up with a lot of fragmentation in your calendar. To help prevent this our booking engine can promote properties where the booking period causes less fragmentation. You can easily get can overview of periods that are unlikely to be booked and promote these through discounts.

Clear and personal communication

Improve engagement with guests and property owners with the help of our automated communication workflows. You can greet your guests before they arrive and give them a notification when their holiday home is ready. You can ask if they enjoyed their stay and so much more. With BookingStudio you can define the communication workflows you need to make every stay great.

Whenever a booking is updated, the right people will be automatically notified with the latest information. This saves everyone time and keeps everyone informed.

We understand that how you communicate is an important part of your identity. That is why we have made it possible to take control of every aspect of the communication by allowing you to define your own fully customizable templates. These templates can be enriched with booking system data to make the information clear and personal. With the help of our expects you can truly differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

Clear and personal communication
Get answers, not only numbers

Get answers, not only numbers

Always know what is going on with our built-in analytics and dashboards. Get the information you need, right where you need it. Less time spent looking for answers.

For your analysis needs we provide you with a comprehensive set of reports detailing all the important aspects of your vacation rental business. Gain insights on how your business is performing and how to tune it for higher performance.

Do analytics the way you want by building custom reports and by working with tools you already know and love for further analysis. We enable anyone to get the most out of their data with easy exports to popular formats.

You can find the answers you seek in our suite of reports or find them using external tools. Your data is yours.

Painless booking management

Spend less time managing your bookings with our efficient booking management. Whether it is adding extras to a booking, changing the number of guests or moving guests to a different property everything is easy and straightforward.

We do automatic accounting, send out notifications to property owners and update schedules for cleaning services and much more. All you have to do is focus on giving your guests the best service possible. In addition we offer optimized workflows for handling new bookings, identifying and merging repeat customers and sending out confirmations.

Quickly get an overview of which bookings have been paid and which ones have rates that are due. Whether your guests pay online or via bank transfer we can automatically register payments on the relevant bookings ensuring that everything is always up-to-date. For late payments we let you define your own workflows to send out reminders.

Painless booking management
Let Us Do The Work

Let us do the work

Running an efficient vacation rentals business these days involves a lot of work. Making sure that your guests have all the latest information about their stay. Keeping owners informed of new arrivals and cancellations. Updating the sales channels with the latest availability data.

BookingStudio allows you to automate tasks to free up your time and avoid mistakes. Every task can be tailored in a number of ways to accommodate your needs. It feels like having an extra teamplayer that just gets things done and never gets tired.

BookingStudio has been designed to work well with both businesses that manage many properties as well as businesses that manage only a few. And even when tasks cannot be automated, doing it yourself only requires a few steps to get the work done. When you let BookingStudio do the work, you will get more time for taking care of your guests and for growing your business.

Open for (more) business

The world of vacation rentals changes and evolves at an ever faster pace. On one hand, guests, property owners and partners have high expectations and on the other hand you are presented with more and more opportunities to grow and streamline your business.

Your vacation rental business needs to be connected. That is why BookingStudio was born as an open system with a solid, high-performance API so that you can continually develop and extend your business.

Today BookingStudio is already connected to long list of important partners such as well-known booking portals, channel managers, payment processors, banks, government institutions, key management systems, content management systems and the list keeps growing.

You can customize your BookingStudio to suit your needs with Apps for BookingStudio. These apps allow for deep integration with BookingStudio giving users a streamlined user experience while extending the capabilities of the system and still keeping everything in one place.

Open For More Business