Understanding what goes on in your business empowers you to make better decisions. BookingStudio comes with a comprehensive suite of reports to help you understand what goes on with various aspects of your vacation rental business.

Our reports on sales and revenue details the economic performance of your business and lets you drill down the numbers along important dimensions such as sales channel and location. Compare current performance with past performance to track your current progress. We have reports that detail occupancy for all your properties down to aggregates for an area or for each property individually. Our reportings covers all aspects of your business including finance, owners, affiliates, cleaning and maintenance.

For your custom reporting needs BookingStudio comes with a report builder that lets you build custom reports. Define which data you want to look at and set up relevant filters and save your report. Now you can run this report as often as you need and export it to popular formats for further processing and reviewing.

Your data is yours and with BookingStudio you can get the answers you need.

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