Our flexible products module enables you to sell a wide variety of additional fees and services along with your bookings. This enables you to provide more types of services to your guests and increase the overall revenue per booking.

You can create either mandatory or optional fees like booking fees or cleaning fees. It is possible to have fees that are mandatory on some properties and optional on others. Fees can be optional one year and mandatory the next as defined by your needs.

You can also charge for metered energy usage like electricity or water and easily charge for the energy consumption.

BookingStudio also supports cancellation fees based on how late the guest cancels. When a booking is cancelled, BookingStudio will automatically select the right cancellation fee based on the rules you defined.

Fees and extras can be priced according to the numbers guests and it is also possible to only offer some fees on bookings with a certain combination of guests.

BookingStudio opens up new possibilities with flexible fees and extras that are easy to understand and manage.

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